Package Comparison:

We offer a Compliance Package for whatever stage of the compliance process your Practice is currently in.

From just getting started (Basic), to the intermediate stage of achieving compliance (Standard & Security+) and then finally to maintaining compliance (Complete) with a strong security posture.

Options Chart:

Basic Standard Security + Complete
Risk Assessment
Staff Education -
Policy Documents -
Audit Prep -
Pen Testing - -
Disaster Recovery - - -
Corrective Action - - -

Details of services in chart:

More details on the services featured in some or all of our Compliance Packages.

  • Risk Assessment:
  • The NIST 800-30 based Risk Assessment is the first step toward achieving HIPAA Compliance. This vital building block establishes where your organization is in the compliance process and prioritizes what must be addressed next to assure the patient data your Practice maintains is legally protected with proper safeguards.

  • Staff Education:
  • With our security threat training, we turn your staff from a liability into a "human firewall" against physical and cyber-attacks.

  • Policies & Controls
  • Covering Administrative, Physical and Technical Safeguards, these Policies and Controls include: Business Associate Agreements (BAA), Sanction Policy, Security Incident Procedures, Data Backup Plan, Device and Media Controls, Workstation Security and many more required Policies.

  • HIPAA Audit Preperation:
  • Preparing for an Audit is actually the best way to get compliant. Knowing what documentation, procedures and key personnel are required for an Audit is critical. "Failure to prepare is preparing to fail", this has never been more true than when it comes to a HIPAA Audit.

  • Penetration Testing:
  • Perform a Pentration Testing engagement to test the real security measures of your organization and if they are actually working.

  • Disaster Recovery:
  • Create and test Disaster Recovery Plans, Emergency Response and other measures that will prepare your organization for unplanned events.

  • Corrective Action:
  • We can help fix issues and implement policies that will improve your security and get your organization fully compliant.